Looking for Geniverse? We're sorry to say it's been retired. Its National Science Foundation funding ended many years ago, and though we've been able to keep it going for some time, it finally became too difficult to maintain. The good news is that you can continue to teach genetics with our beloved dragons in Geniventure, our latest dragon genetics learning game designed for middle and high school students.

Geniventure engages students in exploring heredity, genetics, and the protein-to-trait relationship by breeding and studying virtual dragons. Students play through six levels of challenges, conducting simulated experiments that generate realistic and meaningful genetic data. An integrated intelligent tutoring system (ITS) helps guide student learning and alerts teachers when students are struggling with specific concepts.

The best way to prepare for Geniventure is to play the game yourself. The Geniventure self-paced online course steps you through the game and presents practical teaching tips. Learn the structure of the game, the progression of concepts, the different types of challenges, and various teaching strategies.

Assignable student materials below

Package Includes

  • Teacher Edition
  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Pre- and Post-Test

Geniventure can be used during out-of-school time and in afterschool programs. Learn more »

Teacher Resources

Theory & Background

Guide to Geniventure Challenges
Description and tips for each mission and challenge.

Scaffolding by Mission Chart
List of the type of support (hints, tutorials, etc.) by challenge.

Drake Colors
Explanation of color, a multigenic trait.

Proteins Guide
Teaching strategies and background for Level 3 (proteins).

Learning Goals & Assessment

Learning Goals & Concepts
Comprehensive list of all learning goals and ITS.

Pre/Post Test Concept Alignment
Pairing of assessment items and learning goals.

Teacher Dashboard Guide
Real-time dashboard tracks student progress and performance.

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