Out-of-School Time

Use the Geniventure game with fun, instructive hands-on activities that are tailored for out-of-school time (OST) with Geniventure OST. Each session couples online gameplay with hands-on activities and labs conceptually linked to a part of the Geniventure game. Materials for Geniventure OST sessions are available free, including daily session schedules, activity outlines and lesson plans, powerpoint slides, lists of materials for each activity, and some supports for English language learners (ELL). The OST materials are targeted toward middle school students, but can be used in higher grade levels as well.

Students using Geniventure

Track student progress with a real-time dashboard. Take an online course to learn more about the game (free teacher registration required).


Instructor Resources

Offline Activities

For OST instructors, we offer two plans for offline genetics-related activities that supplement the game. Participants have fun while you support their learning by providing context and a chance for making sense of the concepts encountered in the game. The two formats below include the same material activities. You may want to make further adaptations to fit your own program needs.

  • One Week: five three-hour sessions
  • Six Week: two 90-minute sessions or one 180-minute session per week

Online Game

To play the game and save their progress from session to session, participants and instructors will need a free account. When you are ready to get started, check out our Quick Start Guide. It helps you make accounts and place your participants in a class so you can see their progress and where they might need your assistance in the game.

Instructor Dashboard

The Geniventure Dashboard displays your participants' real-time progress and performance as they work their way through missions in the game. Learn how to access and use the dashboard in our Dashboard Guide.

Advanced Instructor Resources

These optional resources are designed to supplement instructors who want to go the extra mile with biology!

Advanced Guide to Geniventure Challenges
Description and tips for each mission and challenge.

Drake Colors
Explanation of color, a multigenic trait.

Learning Goals & Concepts
Comprehensive list of all learning goals and ITS.

Proteins Guide
Teaching strategies and background for Level 3 (proteins).