Science of Atoms and Molecules / RI-ITEST

Thank you for your interest in RI-ITEST. As of June 25, RI-ITEST materials will be moved here to our STEM Resource Finder. What does this mean for you? Creating a free account on our STEM Resource Finder means you can continue to use the Java-based RI-ITEST materials. However, the reporting of student results for these activities will no longer be supported. (Note that some of these materials include a report button that allows students to print a report of their work, but their results are not saved.) If you have questions, please contact us at

The Science of Atoms and Molecules was designed to assist the realignment of high school science disciplines into a physics, chemistry, and biology sequence. SAM activities provide critical atomic-scale science content that can enable and take advantage of the revised sequence. The atomic and molecular model-based activities facilitate not only the disciplinary order but also four thematic sequences: Motion and Energy, Charge, Atoms and Molecules, and Light.

Science of Atoms and Molecules