Math Modeling with R (RMath)

Math Modeling with R (RMath) engages students in solving real-world problems with mathematical modeling and computational thinking practices. RMath provides classroom-ready modeling activities and web-based R for computing, data analysis, graphing, and programming.

Computing with R for Mathematical Modeling (CodeR4MATH). Length: 02:58

In these activities, students learn how to create, test, and improve mathematical models using the R programming language. While applying mathematics to solve real-world problems, they also develop abilities to formulate problems and design solutions that can be solved computationally.

These assessments are designed to assess students’ abilities to create, comprehend, critique, and improve mathematical models. The models are presented with the R programming language and fully annotated to facilitate comprehension.

Here is an R console for you do free coding. Need some ideas? Click the “R Help” button at the top-right corner to see a list of R functions and code snippets frequently used by K-12 educators.

The CodeR4MATH Project

Computing with R for Mathematical Modeling (or CodeR4MATH) will provide a robust path for integrating math and computing learning. We will support students in integrated learning of the complex domains of math and computing, employing a coupled learning path that interweaves the two disciplines to generate mutual reinforcement. Leveraging R’s open-source ecosystem and STATS4STEM’s foundation, we will develop and deploy a learning platform integrating R computing resources, curriculum materials, automated assessment and tutoring, and teacher professional development resources. Learn more »