Students should learn science by doing science. InquirySpace materials and technologies support students in asking questions about the world around them, designing and executing investigations, drawing conclusions based on their data, and communicating their findings.

The set of NGSS-aligned investigations for each discipline is designed to introduce and scaffold engagement in science practices and build an understanding of the interplay between experimental design, data collection, analysis, and explanation. In the process of investigating their world, students generate data using traditional lab tools, sensors, and simulations, then bring their data into our Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP), which was developed specifically to facilitate sensemaking with data. Learn more »

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Physics onramp presentation
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In physics students explore phenomena related to constant and accelerated motion as the context for learning how to design experiments, collect data from various sources, analyze the data, and develop scientific explanations. Learn more »


Biology onramp presentation
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In biology the scaffolding to support students in designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and developing explanations builds across the investigation of three phenomena: enzyme activity, osmosis, and photosynthesis. (Note, we are in the process of revising this curriculum and plan to post a new version for the 2020-2021 school year.)


The sequence of phenomena in chemistry used to scaffold students in learning how to design experiments, collect data from various sources, analyze the data, and develop scientific explanations, is under development. Below is a draft investigation around the phenomenon of density.


Included below are simulations embedded in the InquirySpace 2 curricular materials as well as some additional simulations that can be embedded into CODAP to generate data for analysis.




Earth/Environmental Science (from the High Adventure Science project)

Learn about CODAP and designing investigations

Use the "activity" below to assign a templated experiment with embedded CODAP document for gathering data and analysis.