Geological Models for Explorations of Dynamic Earth

The GEODE project is developing a new and improved version of Seismic Explorer software. The Seismic Explorer model allows users to see patterns of earthquakes on Earth, including magnitude, depth, location and frequency. We have added new data sets related to volcanic eruptions, and we will be adding additional data sets related to the rate and direction of plate motion and plate boundaries. Seismic Explorer automatically updates its database of earthquakes, allowing you to explore recent events in the classroom. With Seismic Explorer, you can explore patterns of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as they relate to topographic features such as mountains, ocean trenches, and river valleys.

GEODE is also developing a new geodynamic plate tectonic model for middle school Earth science classrooms. The software will include a system of plates bounded on all sides by other plates that interact like those found on Earth, providing an environment where students can correlate surface geologic features and events to plate interactions.

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