Connected Biology

July 2020 Curricular Materials Release

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Curriculum Overview

In high school biology, students should explore the relationships between small molecules and large populations to make sense of complex phenomena. Connected Biology provides a sequence of technology-enhanced three-dimensional lessons for high school biology that fosters integrated learning of genetics and evolution. This novel curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) performance expectations and supports students’ development of a network of connected biological concepts that they can use to develop a model of the relationships between molecules, cells, organisms, and populations, and analyze and interpret data to construct scientific explanations to explain these phenomena. The content for all curriculum development is based on cases for evolution education developed by Michigan State University, Evo-Ed, and enhanced by the technological frameworks of the Concord Consortium. Learn more »

To prepare to use the ConnectedBio Deer Mouse curriculum in your class, first run the Teacher Edition, which adds a layer of teacher tips to the student version of the activities. By using the Teacher Edition, you will be familiar with the curriculum and an expert on teaching about the macro-to-micro phenomena of deer mouse fur color with ConnectedBio.

Assignable student materials below

Teacher Resources

Curriculum Guide: Deer Mouse Fur Color
A comprehensive guide to the Deer Mouse Fur Color curriculum containing detailed unit- and lesson-level summaries, standards alignments, and teacher preparation suggestions.

NGSS Standards Alignment: Deer Mouse Fur Color
A summary of the NGSS Performance Expectations (PEs) and Learning Performances (LPs) covered in each unit of the Deer Mouse Fur Color curriculum.

ConnectedBio Beta: Troubleshoot Guide
Because the technology is still under development, please use this guide to resolve any potential issues you may experience during your implementation of the beta release of the ConnectedBio materials.

ConnectedBio Touch Device: Troubleshoot Guide
If you or your students are using a touch device, please use this guide to resolve any potential issues you may experience during your implementation of the ConnectedBio materials.



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