Connected Biology

Curriculum Overview

Connected Biology provides a sequence of lessons for high school biology that fosters integrated learning of genetics and evolution. This novel curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) performance expectations and supports students’ development of a model of the relationships between molecules, cells, organisms, and populations. The content for all curriculum development is based on cases for evolution education developed by Michigan State University, Evo-Ed, and enhanced by the technological frameworks of the Concord Consortium. Learn more »

ConnectedBio - Three Dimensional Learning - From Molecules to Populations
Make your own discoveries in biology. Watch teachers and students describe how ConnectedBio has changed their classrooms.


  • Deer Mouse Fur Color: From the Field to the BeachDeer Mouse Fur Color: From the Field to the Beach
    Why do different mouse subspecies have different fur colors in different habitats? Explore the deer mouse and its fur color and how it has evolved over time in different habitats.
  • Evolution in Garden PeasEvolution in Garden Peas
    Why are some peas round and starchy while others are wrinkled and sweet? Explore the evolution of garden peas, the same peas that Mendel used to study genetics.


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